Mrs. Parker hopes you are up for the challenge and excited to be part of a diverse cast of cohorts and a worldly clientele. If you are confident in your abilities and passionate about guest service, then step up to Mrs. P’s Happy Luxe.

Mrs. P needs a person that loves to work when most of her staff is at home sleeping! This is the time she finds so important to watch the Estate, be the representative for the management team in all matters that come forth when the rest of the staff are sleeping!! AND, Mrs. P needs you to run reports that are vital for the morning staff!!

Are you ready for Happy Luxe?
- Are you a multi-tasker?
- Can you exceed guests’ expectations?
- Do you have an outgoing personality, positive attitude, initiative, elegance and flair?
- Can you handle pressure with panache?
- Are you a task-master with numbers?

Do you have these Essentials?
- You manage the night and the staff that are here with you!
- An eye for detail on all accounting reports that you will run!
- Do you know how to roll the day?
- You will provide room orders to Room Service.
- You will administer wake up calls.
- You know how to be discreet!
- You are organized and can work independently!
- You have excellent communication skills.
- You are a top-notch researcher!
- You excel at MS Excel, Word and Outlook!
- 2-3 years hotel experience with some supervisory experience also.

Think you’re ready to step up to Happy Luxe – where quality has no ceiling and warmth knows no boundaries? If so – email your resume to or fax to 760/321-4603. Of course, you are welcome to come and apply in person.